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Beverly Collection Modern Soft Abstract Blue Gold Grey Area Rug

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$29.95 USD
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$59.90 USD
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$29.95 USD

Smooth Blend of Quality and Aesthetics Beautiful, intricately designed area rugs produced with top-quality materials are simply the best. That is what you get from the Beverly Collection Area Rug as it boasts the finest of creatively designed abstract patterns on a 100% Polypropylene fiber. Its rich blue, white, and grey hues are fitting for any living room or bedroom décor. It is made to retain its lushness, vibrant colors for many years. Floor Protection and Warmth With its medium pile height, the Beverly Collection Area Rug protects hardwood floors from damages by heavy furniture. Your kids can play around freely on this beautiful art piece without worrying about slipping as it has anti-slip properties that make it firm on any type of floor. This machine-made area rug also creates some warmth on cold days. It provides a cushion for your feet as you sit to eat in the dining room or chill in your living room. Low Maintenance and Easy Care A few minutes of spot-cleaning with a piece of dry cloth or vacuuming with a no-beater bar will erase stains and dirt from this modern area rug as it does not retain them. Dust, pet hair, and particles will clear off easily through regular care. It works excellently in high foot traffic areas and retains its vibrant colors, even after years of use and cleaning.

  • TOP QUALITY: Produced in Turkey, Oriental Area Rug offers value for every penny spent. While not lagging in alluring aesthetics, it is made from 100% polypropylene, does not wear nor tear quickly, and has an impressive life span.
  • STYLISH AREA RUG: Boasts an impeccable blend of a traditional oriental rug and modern rug styles, this transitional area rug makes a bold statement in every floor and space it covers, producing a soothing ambiance.
  • OPTIMAL COMFORT: Has a medium pile that delivers cushioned comfort to your feet and body, easily fits under any piece of furniture, and helps to avoid slips and trips due to its firmness.
  • LOW MAINTENANCE: This Area rug is stain-resistant and easy to clean. It requires vacuuming without a beater bar or spot-cleaning for only a few minutes. It is equally suitable for high traffic areas and only needs regular maintenance after good use.