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WellnessMats Original 3/4" Polyurethane Anti Fatigue Floor Mat - Cushioned Comfort & Support for Home, Kitchen, Garage, Office Standing Desk - Non-Slip, Non-Toxic, Durable - 72" x 24" - Gray

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$399.95 USD
  • ORIGINAL COLLECTION - The Original is the cornerstone of the WellnessMats line, with its smooth surface and elegant, sleek design, and is a favorite of professional and home chefs alike. With its ergonomic design and a smooth surface, the Original has long been the mat of choice. Offers comfort and performance and is supportive and resilience, there's nothing quite like an original.
  • SUPERIOR STANDING SUPPORT - We all spend a lot of time on our feet while cooking, washing dishes, using a vanity, doing hobbies, and very often while we work. Standing for periods of time on hard surfaces can put stress on your body (feet, ankles, knees, hips, and back), causing fatigue, aches and pains. Our ergonomically designed mats provide padded support with a soft, smooth surface and buoyant core which helps to reduce muscle and joint fatigue as well as stress on the lower extremities.
  • SAFE, NON-SKID - Made from our proprietary Advanced Polyurethane Technology, our mats will never delaminate, the edges will never curl, nor will our mats puncture or slide. Our mats are safe, non-toxic and latex free providing non-slip top and bottom surfaces with ADA Compliant, 20° no-trip beveled edges. WellnessMats will forever remain buoyant and supportive bringing you years of comfort and well-being.
  • QUALITY COMFORT - We take pride in supporting the health and well-being of our customers and the economy in our communities. Our mats are proudly made 100% in the USA and come with an unprecedented 20-Year Warranty. For over 20 years we have been meticulously crafting our "Best in Class" anti-fatigue products to complement and adapt to any décor. From the high-quality construction to the luxurious comfort and support, each step reaffirms your decision to own a WellnessMat.
  • WASHABLE & EASY TO CLEAN - Designed to provide comfort and well-being, all of our products require little to no special care. Most spills or surface stains can easily be cleaned with warm water and a towel or mop. For more difficult stains, mild soap and water are recommended. WellnessMats can be spot cleaned, swept, or stick vacuumed (non-brush rolled) as needed. We recommend that you always test our products with any chemicals to be used.