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Eugene Red Oriental Medallion Non-Slip Rubber Backed Runner Rug

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$16.95 USD
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$33.90 USD
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$16.95 USD
  • Non-slip rubber backing is perfect for high traffic areas.
  • Low height pile fits under doors, doesn't trap dirt and has a high resistance to wear.
  • 100% nylon, dense woven, level loop pile is stain and fade resistant.
  • Machine wash cold (without agitator only). Tumble dry on low setting. Use front load washer and dryer only. Spot clean with mild detergent.
  • Arrives factory rolled, may have minor backing creases from tight packaging and storage. Normally flattens within 5-7 days. Reduce creases by rolling rug, pattern side up, and massaging by hand to help ease it flat. Try laying it out in a sunny room first, heat helps loosen the backing.
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