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Jellyfish Lamp OPULARS Mood Color Changing

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  • [Important note: how to use the jellyfish lamp correctly]- a. If no dishwashing liquid or laundry liquid is added to the water, the jellyfish will not swim. b. If the jellyfish is attached to the blisters, the jellyfish will not swim and the blisters need to be removed. c. Some customers improperly operated and the jellyfish did not swim, resulting in a poor buying experience. Please be patient,after watching the video in the picture, the jellyfish lamp will bring you a peaceful aquarium.
  • Ocean Aquarium: Jellyfish lava lamp set off by colorful light bulbs,The realistic faux jellyfish float on a small water current produced by a motor inside the lamp, creates the perfect soothing ambience, realistic tranquil motion. When you look at the floating jellyfish, it will make you feel very happy and relaxed.
  • Mood Light for Relaxation:The jellyfish lamps can help you relax and ease your tight emotion, This soothing mood light creates a calming environment for children and adults whilst providing a pleasurable and enchanting visual point of focus or diversion.
  • Dreamy Color Changing Design Effect:The jellyfish lamp’s motor operates with a nearly-imperceptible whirl, in order to satisfy the requirements quite on working or sleeping.It can be used as a night light for children.
  • Best Gift: Jellyfish lamp approximately is great gift and Decoration for Christmas, Holiday, Party, Home Office Bedroom Room.Best gift for kids,mom, dad, wife, husband, everyone like this gift for home décor,night light,reduce pressure.This jellyfish lamp is also a very good friendship lamp.