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Rug/Mat Non-Slip Grippers 4 pcs

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$15.90 USD
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$32.90 USD
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$15.90 USD
  • Triangle shaped appearance design,simple and practical.
  • Designed to be placed under rugs or mats to keep them in place.
  • Prevent slips and trips on area rugs,keep your rugs looking neat and tidy


1.Place carpet or throw rug in desired place on floor. 
2.Pull back one corner or area of the carpet or throw rug 
3.Remove the protective backing from one of the Rug Grippers. 
4.Adhere smooth surface directly to the underside of the carpet. 
5.Place corner of the carpet or throw rug back in place and firmly press the corner so the textured side of Rug adheres directly to the floor. 

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