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Celina Black Moroccan Shag Diamond Trellis Pattern Area Rug

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$169.95 USD
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$299.90 USD
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$169.95 USD
  • Medium-height shaggy yarn. Ideal for mid to high traffic areas. Soft and fluffy but still easy to clean.
  • A soft, cozy shag rug woven in a Moroccan lattice pattern. The timeless design and sharp black and white colors mean it will fit in any space.
  • Rug arrives factory rolled, may have creases from packaging and storage. Normally flattens within 3-5 days in warm and 5-7 in cool weather. Expedite by rolling, pattern side up, and massaging creases to loosen them. Laying out in a sunny room helps further loosen the backing.
  • Super easy to clean. For spills, remove excess material and blot with a clean cloth dampened with lukewarm water. Repeat with a solution of lukewarm water and dish detergent (or use carpet cleaner). Finish by blotting with water and finally a clean white cloth.
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