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Porthos Home Faro Dining Chairs Set Of 2, PP Plastic, Stackable Design

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$148.95 USD
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$297.90 USD
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$148.95 USD
Porthos Home Faro dining chairs set of 2 - zero maintenance for optimal functionality
Discover how Faro dining room chairs are sleek in looks and utilitarian in character.

No more putting up with splotchy furniture upholstery
These Faro chairs for dining room could just be the type of furniture that the perfectionist domestic god(dess) would love. That's because their water and stain resistant all-plastic material means no more heartache or hassle of managing drips and spills on furniture upholstery - and a little more time for coffee breaks.

Space-saving stackable design
The Faro acrylic chair features a stackable design which offers the versatility that other dining chairs may not have. They're instant seating solutions during house parties or garden bbqs, and can be easily stacked up in the store room after that.

Available in sets of 2
If you love playing host to gatherings and tea parties, it makes sense to keep a few more sets of these plastic chairs on hand, especially since they're ultra-lightweight and easily stackable without taking up too much space in your storeroom.

Features of Porthos Home Faro dining chairs set of 2:
- Space-saving stackable design
- Made of waterproof and stain-resistant plastic
- Suitable for short-term outdoor use
- Easy-to-match colors
- Sold in sets of 2
- Dimensions: (height) 31.5 x (width) 16.14 x (length/depth) 20.08 inches