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Moroccan Handmade Brass (Chromed) Table Lamp 11 x 9 Inches Silver Lighting. - Set Of 1

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This Gorgeous Contemporary Table Lamp is 100% Brass, 100% Handmade by one of our masters in the heart of Fez, Morocco. The craftsman spent dozens of hours of work with care and love to create this piece of art, Materials are locally sourced, making the lighting an environmentally low impact choice and Ecofriendly. This beautiful Lamp is Perfect for your living room, family room, Bedroom, office or even for your restaurant or hotel. It matches any interior or design, and add a romantic and gloomy mood, a stunning play of light and shadows fills the surrounding area completely. It low-key resembles an exotic vase and fits harmoniously into any interior setting. For Special orders or unique designs please contact us!

  • Maker : Moroccan Craft Masters.
  • Origin : Morocco.
  • Color : Silver.
  • Style : Table Lamp.
  • Materiel : 100% Brass.
  • Dimensions : 11" H x 9" W.
  • Weight : 1 Lbs.
  • Characteristics : Handmade from Scratch from a 100 % Brass Sheet.
  • Installation : Professional installation required. NO WHIRES OR BULB INCLUDED.
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