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Hernandez Hand-knotted Floral Wool and Silk Persian Soft Area Rug

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$4,329.95 USD
This is a recently made hand knotted genuine Persian area rug with 100% wool with silk highlight pile, which is in new, first quality condition. Hand Knotted rugs are the first choice of critics and collectors, as every knot of the rug is honed by a skilled weaver's hands, without any machine's interference. The quality of a hand-knotted carpet are determined by the number of knots per square inch, as some fine weavers can take up to a year to create a single average size rug. 100% Wool with Silk Highlight is the primary material used to create these handmade rugs that are usually placed in a well-deserving high-price space. Hand-Knotted rugs can hold up high traffic for more than 20 years, hence are a popular choice for hallways, living rooms, offices etc. These fine examples of craftsmanship silently tell the tale of a weaver's traditional legacy.


  • Shape: Rectangle
  • Rug Style: Kashmar
  • Pattern: Floral
  • Origin: Central Aisa
  • Foundation: Cotton
  • Pile: 100% Wool with Silk Highlight
  • Weave Type: Hand Knotted
  • KPSI: 200 knots per inch square
  • Size in Feat: 10' 10'' X 8' 0''
  • Size in CM: 330 X 244
  • Size Class: 8x11
  • Condition: New, First Quality
  • Primary Color: Beige & Ivories
  • Color Detail: Green, Ivory, Light Blue, Navy Blue, Red, Brown, Rust, Blue, Teal
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