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Brinly Brown Burlap Shade Plug-In Swing Arm Wall Lamp with Cord Cover

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$279.93 USD
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$559.86 USD
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$279.93 USD
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Handsome and functional, this plug-in swing arm wall lamp features a matte brown finish with a rustic burlap hardback shade and a cord cover.

Additional Info:

Finished in a rich, matte brown, this swing arm wall light with a cord cover is topped with a natural burlap hardback shade, creating an attractive and functional way to add light to your bedside or favorite seating area. The dimmable design allows you to customize the amount of light for reading and more. It's plug-in, meaning installation is easy; just attach the lamp to the wall and plug it into any standard outlet using the provided cord. Notice the bronze cord cover in a vine-like design.

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